Why Choose Haitna as your Dallas SEO Agency?

  • Strategic Link Building
  • Our specialist performs the strategic link building process in an ethical and right manner. We always use Manual link building for the further optimization of the website.

  • Transparency in Reports
  • As it is not easy to measure the progress of reliable SEO services, we provide with precise data for each and every month. Hence, you come to know about your organization’s online presence value and user traffic information.

  • Cost Effective Service
  • Our professional team always provides affordable services to our precious clients. Here, the marketing efforts are converted into a unified online marketing strategy to deliver cost-effective services.

  • End To End Support & Service
  • Our 24/7-customer support service helps you in all the phases of the project starting from the initial level to final completion of the project. In case of any issue, our experts are ready to solve it at any time.

Dallas SEO Company

Reasons To Choose Haitna – Best Dallas SEO Company To Improve Traffic And Sales For Your Company

If you’d like to improve the credibility of your business and attract more customers to enter your website, then one of the best things you could do would be to hire our Haitna SEO services. The company is one of the most appreciated ones in the digital marketing industry of Dallas and getting their help would boost your business and make it easier to compete on the already crowded market.

With so many businesses employing the help of companies providing SEO services, it can be hard to stand a chance on the highly competitive market without doing this yourself. Fortunately, here at Haitna, we are offering affordable search engine optimisation without making any sort of compromise in terms of quality.

The SEO experts here at Haitna have been developing and implementing revolutionary techniques for Dallas business owners for more than two years. Not only are they capable of sticking to the ethical and organic search engine optimisation practices and avoid blackhat techniques, but they can also improve on other aspects of your website such as navigability, relevance on search engines, etc.

So don’t wait a second longer, hire our Haitna SEO services and make sure one of the leading digital marketing companies in Dallas is helping your website rank better.

Enlisting Haitna SEO Services And Making Your Website Attracting More Customers

If you haven’t invested in search engine optimisation so far and you see how negatively it impacts your business, then you should hire our Haitna SEO services and get a good position online as well as on the local market as soon as possible.

Haitna is a Dallas-based digital marketing company specialised in search engine optimisation. We develop and implement SEO techniques that can make your website look better, load faster on any devices such as mobile phones as well as help it rank better on search engines.

Our experts can perform keyword research and advise you as to which ones to target so that you will drive a lot of traffic towards your website. Getting targeted traffic will also improve conversions and you will get a much better return on investment.

Our team has over two years’ worth of experience on the competitive virtual market, which means that they have seen what the competition does so that they can help you gain an advantage. We also use ethical techniques only, so you can relax knowing that no blackhat practices will affect your website.

Don’t let the competition beat you to the customers! Get our Haitna SEO services to help improve your online presence and boost your business.

Improving Brand Credibility And Sales By Turning To Best Dallas SEO Company For Help

If your website isn’t doing well in terms of ranking or traffic and you need some help as soon as possible, then you should learn about the benefits of hiring Haitna – Dallas SEO Expert to get your website ranking better and drawing more customers. Doing so would ensure that you are getting some of the most appreciated SEO services in the Dallas region, while also saving money for your business.

There are many business owners hiring SEO companies nowadays, and the reason for this is that it is hard to establish a good position on the market without a strong online presence. Doing this yourself isn’t just hard, but time consuming as well, and you are probably already neck deep in responsibilities.

The good news is that you can hire the talented staff here at Haitna to help optimize your website for search engines. Our IT professionals have been implementing effective SEO techniques for more than two years. Our company has become known in the Dallas digital marketing realm especially due to our usage of ethical techniques only, as we stay away from blackhat practices.
So enlist Haitna SEO services and get your website ranking better and drawing in more traffic that you can convert into sales.

SEO ~ the samurai way

Search Engine Optimization is the masterpiece for any website to reach the topmost level in the search engine search results and there are certain factors which help the website to be driven more traffic and increase the rankings as well. In simple words, it directly affects the visibility of a website and it is not mandatory that every website has to fulfill the criteria of being optimized according to SEO norms.

There are different types of SEO and each one is different from one another. And it is essential for you to have an insight on which kind of SEO you need to follow for your website so that it is effective enough for you to drive traffic to your website. And ensure that, over a period of time that your website receives the top placement in organic search of the search engine.

White Hat SEO

When we consider SEO, white hat SEO here refers to as following the strategies for optimization, techniques, and tactics which primarily focus on the audience which is hostile for the search engines and follow all the set rules and regulations by the search engines.

Let’s take a website which is optimized enough and still has a focus set on relevant information and organic ranking by the search engine is considered to come under white hat SEO practices. There are a few techniques which can be used in optimizing like keywords, keyword research, link-building to improve the popularity of the website and backlinking to share on different platforms. White Hat SEO is predominantly used by the people who are interested in making a long-term investment and it is also called as ethical SEO.

Black Hat SEO

In the terminology of SEO is said to be strategies implemented which are aggressive in nature, the approach and tactics predominantly focus on search engine instead of an audience. The main factor here is to gain the attention of the search engines an rather than the human audience. And black hat SEO does not follow any of the rules and policies which are set by the search engines.

Including keyword stuffing rather than focusing on the keyword search made by a particular user, invisible text, doorway pages which mean spamdexing and adding keywords to the content which are not relevant to the information provided on the website. And page swapping, once the search engines have marked the website to be visible on the search engine search results.

Black Hat SEO is used by the people who are expecting a quick financial return on the investment which they have made rather than looking to build a long-term investment for the website. One of the reasons why black hat SEO has not to be followed is in any given circumstance as it might lead to the ban of the website by the search engine.

Gray hat SEO

A gray hat SEO is said to be a lot riskier than white hat SEO, it is a tad bit difficult to explain what gray hat SEO is exactly. And it is clear that it is not a mix of the white and black hats. In simple words, it is the practice of techniques and tactics which remain vague by the published material which is made available on the search engines.

It is said that there is need to have a clear-cut insight about gray hat SEO as it might affect the way in which your website is being ranked and ensure that there is no negative impact as well. By any means, if you fail to concentrate on this kind of SEO that are possibilities of you losing potential traffic for your website.
Gray hat SEO is said to change at frequent intervals, at one interval it will be called as gray and the very next interval it can be branded as a black or white hat as well. This will make the online marketers stay up-to-date with the latest categorizations of the changes made in the hat policy of SEO.

On page SEO

In simple words, it is optimizing the web pages of a website to be able to increase the ranking. This will also help to the traffic to for the website as well, on page refers to the HTML source code and the content as well which can be optimized in an efficient and effective way. It is said that on page SEO has evolved and it is essential to keep up with the changing algorithms of the search engines over a period and ensure to stay on the top of the ranking.

The search engines are ensuring the fact that the websites are delivering the precise information which the users are searching for. All the aspects of a particular web page are taken into account even before they are being ranked. The important factor of on-page SEO is relevance, as the information on the website has to be relevant to the search made by the user.

There are certain elements which go into on page SEO like meta-tags, title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags are a few to mention. Depending on these factors an on-page SEO is performed on a website. It is said that a web page can have only one heading tag which is the h1 tag. And it is essential to have a strong content, to ensure that the user is not screening the page instead reading through the information which is available on the website.
Off-page SEO

This technique refers to improving the website position on the search engine results page (SERP). Off page is considered to be the techniques and tactics which can be implemented on the actual website. Off-page optimization is done to improve the search rankings of a website. It is also said to be linked to the link-building concept for a website.

It predominantly deals with the promotion of the website through; it is beyond the design and development part of a website. The main purpose of off page SEO is to improve the ranking for a particular website. The predominant elements which are used when it comes to off page SEO are link building, social media marketing and social bookmarking.

Search engines over the years have been trying its level best to provide the best search results for the user. A website which has the highest number of views and traffic for the website will be referred on other platforms by the users and there is a possibility of the website to be bookmarked and shared in the communities on the social media as well. It is an indirect way to be able to gain the traffic for a website.


It is a process where external pages to link to a page on a website, and it is also one of the many techniques applied to the search engine optimization. Building links is not a piece of cake, there needs to be a lot of effort invested to create a promising link to create a potential traffic for the website.

A link from an authoritative website which has the highest traffic will eventually have a greater impact on SERP than a link which has been newly created from a website. The quality of the link is crucial and it is said to be hard to come by as well.

Link building essential as the search engine evaluates the web pages based on it. There are certain strategies followed when it comes to link building. It is essential to create a compelling content which the users will refer to on various platforms. Submission to press release, site directories and the product, service or site has to be mentioned in the front for influential bloggers to look out for it. And these are the strategies and tactics which need to be applied while building links for a website.


A backlink is said to be the most predominantly used term in the world of SEO. In simple words, it is the incoming links to a particular web page and a website as well. There are elements in backlinking, like link juice where a web page is linked to other articles on the website.

A no-follow tag is linking one website to the other but does not have a no-follow tag to it. On the flip side, the do follow tag will let the website to be followed while linked. Linking a root domain is a website receiving many backlinks from a particular unique website. Internal links are the link which is related to the same website but linked from one page to the other. Backlinks are said to do wonders for your website rankings when you are aiming at certain keywords added in the anchor texts.

Keyword research

Keyword research is said to be the critical component for search engine optimization. When they are used in a precise manner it is a roadmap to build websites and create contents as well. It is a practice of identifying the phrases which are used on the search engines by the users.

It includes the search volume and the relative competitiveness which the word holds. Keywords are said to be broken up and then put together depending on the search made by the users. The more words in a keyword it said to be easy to be ranked by the search engine as relatively the competition is considered to be less.

There are two predominant aspects when it comes to SEO, one being optimizing for traffic and another being optimizing for conversions. And the value for the keyword depends on these factors as well. The keyword is by default is the most important factor when it comes to being ranked by the search engines and optimized in the right way.

Organic search

Organic search is entering a string of words into the search engine and the search results are based on the relevance of the information which is being searched by the user. Organic search is considered to be the best when it comes to driving traffic to the website. In simple words, the organic search is the listing of the websites relevant to the search made by the user.

And they can be called as natural search as well and one of the best ways to drive traffic without any kind of investments. The only element required for the website is that it is optimized and has the relevant information and in no time you will be able to witness the growth in the traffic for the website.

Paid search

They are in general advertisements for which there is an investment made by the owner of the website. The website owners have paid the search engines to be displayed on the top of the search results depending on the search made by the user. And the payment for the advertisement is based on the keyword for the search results of the search engine.

There is a big made by the owner of the website for the keyword, accordingly, the website will be placed in the first, second, third so on and so forth positions of the search. And these are placed above the organic search listings. This kind of search is made to drive the traffic quickly rather than waiting for the website to be crawled and then pushed to the top position and placed in the desired position.

Direct search ~ Google Analytics

In simple words, it is entering the required information directly on the search bar of the search engine. Instead of going to a particular website to search for information which the user is searching for and it is said that the websites drive automatic traffic with direct search as well. It is said that it is the most common source to have a visit by the user.

Direct search is defined as a visit to a website without referring to another website. It is categorized based on the visits made by the user which does not come from a referring URL. And it is said that the users enter the URL or bookmark it, and this is considered as direct search based on Google Analytics.

Final Thoughts

There are millions of websites on the web and every other hour there is a new one in the market. It is a time that you have learned the techniques and tactics to optimize your website the right way and drive potential traffic which will lead to constructive outcomes. In the plethora of websites on the internet, it is now that you need to follow the Samurai way to outdo your competitors and make it to the first position.