Web design & Development

Why you really need a web design and development?

Websites have become a common factor in today’s world as there are people that are referring to the websites on regular basis. If they need information, the first place they head to is the search engine, enter the information they are looking for and voila there are hundreds of websites available with the same information depicted in a different way.

In the age of internet and websites, people have started to become tech savvy and they are inquisitive to learn about things and gain more knowledge. Now, it is the time that they need to know how a website is built and why there is a need of website in the age of advanced technology where automation is going to conquer the world in a decade’s time from now.

Do you think you know what a web design is?

There are a few people who are completely aware of the myths and facts about what a web design is and how it works. On the flip side, there are millions of people are yet to learn about it. In simple words, it is to conceptualize, plan and build all the electronic files together which will impel the layout, colors, textual content, structure, graphics and the features to deliver the website.

And to build a website it is not essential to have an insight into how it is done or to have technical knowledge related to it. There are professionals who have a strong knowledge about building websites according to the current trends and requirements of the users and the factors which will have the user engaged on the website as well.

Is web development different from design?

Yes, it is different from what a web design, as both serve a different purpose in a website. Web development is said to be a broad term for the time and work involved in building a website for the internet. It predominantly focuses on the non-design parts of a website, like writing markup and coding.

A website can range from a simple static page with a plain text or to the most complex internet applications put together for businesses from a different set of fields. Web design alone cannot have a website running; it does need the development part as well to work comprehensively. A web design and development go hand-in-hand to have a successful website running on the internet.