A definitive guide to building a successful Android App

Find the Target Audience

Targeting the audience is the trickiest step for both entrepreneurs and marketers. In order to make everything a simpler one, let we partition the market research process into two simpler steps such as deeper understanding & secondary research.

In the first one, if the app offers a list of services, it is assumed that you have almost reached the target audience. It is always important to target them as soon as possible so that everything goes in a smoother manner.

The next one includes a deeper analysis of competitors as well as industry. Once the target is completed, it is better to go ahead with the research of the professional market.

Choosing the Right Platform & Technology

Generally, the developers come across various choices and it automatically leads to confusion. Choosing the right technology is very important. Hence, before developing a mobile app take the consideration of several important factors such as integration with the third party, security, usability, cost, and Environment, etc.

Coming to the point of technology, it is essential to know more and more technical skills. Most of the apps are coded in java; Rx Java helps to build event-based programme by using a set of sequences.

Kotlin is an official support language, hence according to requirements; one can go ahead between Java Android and Kotlin Android. The apt platform and technology is a must; as the development process begins from this stage.

Following Agile Methodology during the process

Generally, a developer prefers for a clear margin between view and logic tasks; an iterative approach is used where the overall requirement changes from time to time. In this methodology, there is a continual interaction with the development team. The techies adopt the best techniques in order to achieve the target.

The entire development process is a challenging task and a team of experts is required. This methodology ensures the good coordination of experts on a work basis.

Version Control

Version control is a major thing; each and every code part should be versioned well in order to keep track of changes. In case if the issue is raised, restoring of previous working session is a possible one. A version control platform makes everything easier when there are many developers work on a project.

It is a mandatory one at least two developers should work for a project for a decision making process. In order to make necessary changes and review the code, the techies have to get authorized access.

Take Feedback

Once the app goes to the next stage on the app store, the first set of users will let you know more information regarding optimisation and enhancement of the app. Generally, the changes are constant and hence keep an eye on user feedback, keep on developing.

Responding to the feedback is one of the best ways to build a healthy relationship and develop a community too. Get attuned to user’s needs and you can come to know about everything; provide the best value in an optimal manner.

Understand your overall customer base in order to improve the app’s performance.


Vigorous Testing

As we know that vigorous mobile app testing strategy is an important one to the overall development process. Refer this link for guide to app testing. A well defined seamless app experience is a mandatory one relevant to users all over the world.

In this continual development world, it is a little bit difficult to perform a testing process that does not schedule any release date. Since each and every user is unique and due to the fact of unexpected test cases, there is a great difference in terms of experience along with the apps.


This is literally a final stage where you have achieved by creating an alluring mobile app for the business. Once generating the profit in the process of mobile app development, it is said to be that you have reached the level of mobile app monetisation.

The users can interact well and with the aid of reliable data pulling from the concerned app is one of the best ways to market the brand without any complications. Monetisation is the serious source of income for a firm; by promoting the app is free of cost you can earn more and more beyond your imagination.

Marketing the application

Marketing is the major key factor to build a successful mobile app. Initially make sure of the estimated budget suits for further process. It is important to attract the first set of users to test both terms of metrics; gain a deeper knowledge of each and every consumer before moving on with reliable campaigns.

Here, updates are the most essential one to fix bugs, offer a list of enhanced features for different platforms. Beyond their imagination, the experts should update apps for better productivity and meet consumer demands too.