Future of Digital Marketing in 2025

Role of artificial intelligence in Digital marketing

Now, it’s time for Artificial Intelligence to take over digital marketing, which is referred to as programmatic advertising. Here, advertising spaces over the site are automatically bought in a systematic way by AI depending upon the target users and data.

Predictions reveal that about 86% of the digital display ads will turn out to be automated with programmatic advertising by 2020. This method proves to be the highly efficient, perpetual, and precise approach towards the paid media.

Also, the customer acquisition cost gets lower by a large parameter.

Increase in voice search Queries

Voice search is the growing trend now. Siri, Alexa, Google assistant, and similar ones are gaining much popularity day by day. Voice search is becoming a common term where a user speaks instead of typing input over the screen keyboard.

The manual burden is reduced enhancing the user experience. Marketers are pushed into the situation of optimizing the website to enable the voice search as users are adapting themselves to voice assistants.

The voice search is expected to grow by 50% by 2020 where the accuracy rate will be playing a significant role.

Role of Influencer Marketing

People believe the words of trustworthy persons rather than a brand image which is the key for influencer marketing. Although influencer marketing is already existing strategy, it is shrinking to be less effective. This is due to the inability of the brands to find the ideal influencer for their product. However, this can be overcome with the aid of AI.

It helps in analysing millions of image within seconds and come up with the right person for an effective campaign.

Mobile Focused

Average data used by the consumers is growing at a faster rate due to high-speed connectivity at low cost. Marketers are exploiting this way to get themselves closer to the end users, to understand their preferences and design strategies accordingly.

For successful mobile-focused marketing, the website must be mobile friendly one with faster loading rates. Video contents play a vital part in mobile marketing to drag the customers towards it.

Knowing the user location and offering customised campaigns can leverage your business.

Schema markups

Schema helps in marketing in a more focused way eliminating the ads at an irrelevant site. Thereby, a lot of money and data is saved and ensures that only the right audiences are targeted. It aids the search engine to find high relevancy of any website before the display of ads.

Brand people can utilize this to assure that the site name is displayed properly without any disruptions. Better ranking can be developed for each site.

When Schema goes into action in combination with AI, they will dominate the entire digital marketing world.

Impact of Latent semantic indexing keywords

Latent semantic indexing is a unique concept, search engines to discover how a coined term and data work together to mean a concerned thing. Here, more and more effort is given to exploring its exact meaning and relation of the keywords to the exact content on the site.

By the usage, of these LSI keywords, one can able to create content in a systematic manner. Hence, the audience can find the right answer in a shorter period and also generate 100% traffic to the business’s website.

Short videos

In this gigantic world, most of the online activity is involved in watching live videos. They can help the brands to build tremendous credibility, storytelling, and demos. Social media is a major platform to interact with the customers in an affordable environment exclusively, the video content.

Most of the people prefer for the shorter videos and not the longer one. Especially, the short videos can be any form such as the sizzles, snaps and branded content etc.


Generally, Instagram provides a better user engagement compared to the other social networks and a list of brands have started to observe the Instagram marketing opportunities. Nowadays, Instagram is the medium of choice among the folks for many reasons. Along with the major rise of Artificial Intelligence; it has bought a sensational impact globally.

A better relationship has been formed with the brands and the consumers and it has upgraded into a massive social network. The power of visual content has already touched its peak in a sensible way.

Blockchain and AR/VR can help in Digital Marketing


At present, digitalization is ruling the world and the internet is the major vital element of today’s marketing world. Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are known to be the technology-driven marketing campaign.

The emerging technology, Blockchain has created a greater impact on digital marketing. The customers can have an enhanced shopping experience by allowing the interactive brands available to the customers.

Importance of Content Marketing



In this present digital era, content marketing is considered as the backbone of the digital marketing campaigns and also it has become an essential one for any of the modern brands. There is a greater enhancement of brand reputation by building trust through the building blocks of content marketing.

A clear call-to-action instructs the reader what to perform in the upcoming stages and also guide them in the conversion process. At last, but not least the optimised content helps to improve the SEO results in a reliable manner.