Manual vs Automated Mobile App Testing

Why Automated Testing?

The Testing process provides the right set of tools to build a well-defined product. Automated testing is one which increases the speed of the overall testing process; different tools are used for execution.

Flaws can be pointed out in a shorter interval of time; explore the bugs in the earlier stage itself. Its main aim is to test several functionalities in a reliable manner that characterises the app. Here, quality analysts test the functionalities which are repetitive one. The overall test cases have an expected outcome.

Test cases are of complicated and tedious; one can proceed on testing with mobile devices simultaneously and thus saving time.

Why Manual Testing?

Manual Testing is one where the testing process is done successfully to test different features of an app. This testing can proceed on both for mobile and desktop applications.

Either a real device or simulator is used for manual testing; gives a desirable result more or less similar to that of user’s experience. The quality analyst plays a vital role and performs typical actions of a user and decides the immediate step when the app crashes.

Along with manual testing, performance and over-heating issues can be fixed before the launch of an app.

Importance of Automated Testing

The major importance of automated testing is derived from its series of test results; as a whole, it reduces the testing time; part of the production code base too. This testing is implemented with the aid of tools, script including the software in order to perform pre-defined strategies.

It always comes in handy while performing the testing process in order to ensure an app performs well once the changes are implemented. Automated Testing is a well-suited one for different types of testing such as Regression testing, Load testing, and Performance testing, etc.

Disadvantages of Automated Testing

A license of exorbitant software testing programs and additional hardware infrastructure is a must in the automated testing. The major limitation of automated testing is to examine overall aesthetics including the usability of an app.

Automated testing is not an independent one; it depends on several tools to perform the testing process. A limitation protocol is set for these tools and it has its own issues, bugs too. There is not a complete look & feel and the frameworks are tending to be the application specific.

For each and every phase, technical expertise and programming skills are required.

Importance of Manual Testing

As manual testing is the process of checking functional and non-functional requirements, its importance is at its peak level. This type of testing is well suited for exploratory testing, usability testing, and ad-hoc testing, etc.

In order to explore any kind of deviation, the Quality analysts execute the app on different devices. Different types of pre-defined cases are available to check features, detect the flaws along with the app’s functionality, user experience, and design.

Major activities involved are requirement analysis, test cases creation, and conduction of tests including bug reports.

Disadvantages of Manual Testing

As manual testing is dependent on human power resources, there is a great possibility of errors. In some of the cases, some bugs may be missed out on retesting the app. This type of testing cannot be reused; there is a great need to run the test cases again and again.

The major disadvantage is that it is less scalable and execution process is a tedious one. But you can overcome it by checking the trends in Testing It is totally a time-consuming activity whether the tester needs to test the app even in the case of smaller changes too.

Final Thoughts

For successful completion of the project, one cannot totally depend on the process of manual testing or an automated one. An appropriate proportion of both manual testing and automated testing needs to get an optimized result. It is most important to track both manual and automated testing efforts.

One can examine the different series of execution results of both manual testing and automated testing at its source of origin. Prediction of the right formula to integrate both these testing process produces a desirable result.

Depending on the type of product, analyse many things and be wiser enough to opt for the right testing either it can be manual or automated testing.