Why Choose Haitna as your Web Design Agency?

Qualified Experts

Our web development team has highly skilled and industry-certified experts who are proficient in implementing the latest web technologies. They always follow the best practices in the industry to build secure and visually appealing websites.

Use of Advanced Technology

Our technology stack used for developing fully functional and interactive websites are the most advanced in the industry. We employ the most cutting-edge coding and testing tools to ensure that your website looks great and is seamlessly compatible with any mobile device/platform.

Stimulating designs

Websites designed by our UI/UX experts are eye-catching, immersive, and highly impactful. We always use the best software in the industry to drive a significant number of high-quality visitors to your website.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation with no obligation or commitment before signing the project. We will first evaluate your website and business requirements. Then we will provide you a free and customized quotation with services we can offer based on your needs.

No Outsourcing

We deliver all our projects with top-notch quality. All the work right from the design phase to development, testing, and deployment are done in-house by our team of experts. We do not outsource any part of your project to third parties.

ROI Focused

A revenue-centric model always drives our website design process and SEO strategy for your website. It emphasizes a faster ROI by driving more traffic with the right target audience to drive sales and visibility for your brand.

Scalable Website

We design our websites with clear foresight and vision for the future. It will allow you to add more functionality, and help you manage the exponentially increasing traffic with the least amount of effort owing to their inherent scalability.

Keep Our Promises

We take our commitments and delivery timelines very seriously and follow our own unique proven development methodology. We will deliver it on all the aspects of the website we committed during project planning without any hidden charges or caveats.

Ongoing Assistance

Our dedicated and committed customer and technical support teams are easy to reach, experienced, and offer ongoing assistance for any customer support or technology-related issues during the project development phase and support after handing over your project.

Complete Professionalism

We are a world-class organization that strives to uphold the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and professionalism when dealing with our clients. These values are sacrosanct for us, and we will never compromise it at any cost.

Landing Page design

We improve your conversion rates and boost your site's performance by designing impactful landing pages. We always use the most interactive and engaging web elements, along with exceptional content and SEO strategies that yield immediate results.

Fast Loading time

We plan and design the websites carefully to optimize them for rapid loading without any lag irrespective of the platform on which they view. It dramatically increases the visitor's browsing time on your website.

What can you expect from our Dallas Web Designers?

Clear Estimation

Our pricing process is entirely transparent, and customers will get a complete break up of the cost for each of the services offered. The estimate provided to you will not exceed your budget at the end of the project.

Specification Analysis

Before embarking on your project, we will perform an extensive analysis of your needs and requirements by gathering detailed information. The requisite information includes your goals, your target audience, content requirements, and other expectations you have for your website.

Creating Milestones

We will clearly define milestones for every stage of the project, like planning, design, & development. It will also have the information on what you can expect after a specific phase of the project. We always follow industry standards like the Agile development process to deliver your project on time.


Once we have agreed upon the design of the website after discussion, we will start creating wireframes of the proposed site. It will have an accurate depiction of the layout, fonts, colors, and navigation for you to approve before we can start building the website.

Development & Content Creation

Our development process encompasses technology deployment, coding, and content creation, where all these things happen in parallel. In this stage, your website gets ready, where we will add the contents, and apply the styles to the site. Then we will provide a demo to you to obtain your feedback and approval.

Testing & Bug Fixing

In this vital stage, we will perform extensive manual and automated testing on your website. It will ensure that your website is bug-free, loads fast, and has no broken links. We fix bugs if we find any and also secure the site against external threats.

Launch & Review

In this final and exciting stage, your website will be ready to go Live. We will assist you with the launch, and review your site after a few days to confirm that everything is working as planned without any issues.

Maintenance & Upgrades

We offer affordable maintenance contracts as well as pay-per-service deals for any additional website maintenance or upgrade services. We can also help you to set up CMS maintenance dashboards that make simple maintenance and upgrade tasks effortlessly.

Why you really need a web design and development?

Websites have become a common factor in today’s world as there are people that are referring to the websites on regular basis. If they need information, the first place they head to is the search engine, enter the information they are looking for and voila there are hundreds of websites available with the same information depicted in a different way.

In the age of internet and websites, people have started to become tech savvy and they are inquisitive to learn about things and gain more knowledge. Now, it is the time that they need to know how a website is built and why there is a need of website in the age of advanced technology where automation is going to conquer the world in a decade’s time from now.

Types of Web Design Services We Provide

E-commerce Websites

We have years of experience in building impactful e-commerce websites that help you connect with your customers. Our solutions cover all aspects of e-commerce, such as shopping cart integrations, payment gateways, shipping and logistics configurations, and seamless inventory management.

Business Website

We build customized websites for corporates and business organizations that actively demonstrate your portfolio. We will make it easy for customers to find information about your products, and helps your team members to collaborate effortlessly.

CMS Website

We specialize in designing and developing customized websites that are tailor-made as per your vision, roadmap, and business requirements. Our designs are creative, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and use the latest web technologies in the industry.

Custom Web Design

We specialize in designing and developing customized websites that are tailor-made as per your vision, roadmap, and business requirements. Our designs are creative, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and use the latest web technologies in the industry.

Personal Websites

Make your career highlights or hobbies stand out by choosing a customized personal website from Haitna. We build visually appealing and exciting sites for artists, photographers, musicians, and various other people who want to showcase their interests creatively.

Educational Website

We have built several sites for premier educational institutions which make them efficient in managing their school and college administration activities. Our designs include interactive portals for parents, students, and management to communicate with each other.

Single Page design

We develop impactful & crispy single page designs that convey the message of your website precisely. Our designs are visually appealing and are SEO optimized to rank high in search engines. It is also designed to be mobile-friendly.

What is web development?

We are living in a digital world now and as Internet has brought the world closer – websites have become the most important of any business.

A good responsive website is equally proportional to better traffic and eventually fat profit in the business. The process followed in the building and maintenance of websites is broadly termed as web development. It’s basically what happens behind the scenes to make a website look good.

Web development is also called website development and the process includes creating website design, web content development, scripting, network security configuration and much more.

Websites can range from a simple static page with plain text to the most refined web-based applications and social network services. So, it is a complete cycle and in fact, a project that requires a lot of brainstorming and efforts.

Web development process involves documented skeleton of the project which has everything from start to finish and stages wise. It divides and categorizes the task in the most organised and simple way that it can be used as a roadmap for each project.

Why Choose Haitna for Web Design Services?

A Distinct Portfolio

We have an extensive and distinct portfolio of previous work rendered for our clients as a testament to our expertise in the web design domain. Our work spans various top domains, like e-commerce, advertising, enterprise, and manufacturing.

We are creative

Our team consists of inspired and creative team members who think out-of-the-box to address your business needs creatively. We have a secure design experience backed with proven creative ideas to ensure an outstanding website design for your business.

Search Engine Friendly Designs

Our websites are carefully integrated and tested with the best search engine optimization (SEO) technologies right from the planning and design stage. Your website will always rank high in organic search results and reach the right target audience.

We Listen & Understand your requirements

We spend considerable time interacting with you to understand your requirements. Also, we coordinate with you to understand your budget, and overall business needs to align as closely as possible to help you achieve your business goals. Our solutions are custom-built for your business.

Realistic prices

Pricing is always a crucial factor, and we have purposely kept our pricing as affordable and competing as possible without settling on the quality of services offered. We have various attractive pricing plans and payment schemes which are suitable for all budgets.

Effortless maintenance

Our websites are designed with an easy to use management dashboard, which lets you complete essential maintenance tasks, like editing text or uploading images without any hassle. We also undertake long-term maintenance contracts for sites with dynamically changing or complex content structures.

We keep up with the latest trends

Our technology team is always on top of the latest technologies and certifications. Your websites are built to align with the most emerging trends in the market. We integrate several modern trends, like parallax scrolling, flat design, and the best SEO practices.

Clear Documentation

We concisely document every single aspect of our end-to-end website development process. It starts right from the requirements analysis, data collection, mock-ups, code to the design artifacts used in your website. It will help us to maintain and scale up your website.

Completely Transparent

Our development process and pricing plans are grounded in honesty and transparency so that you will be aware of what's happening at any given stage. You will also know the money spent on the completion of every phase of your project.

Monitor Site's Progress

We update you regularly in every phase of the website development process, right from design to completion and proactively solicit your inputs and feedback. We will deliver a tailor-made web solution that best suits your business and brand.

No Hidden Charges

We are highly transparent about our pricing plans and the website features we commit to deliver when we sign a contract. We will list the charges associated without any surprise fees at later stages of the website development.

Long term Partners

Our mission is to build a healthy and fruitful long-term relationship with our customers by engaging top talent and the best technology. Our target is to help your business grow and thrive through your website.

Web Development Life Cycle steps

Compiling information







Post-launch maintenance

Haitna is a Full-Service Web Design Company in Dallas

Website Design

We have a full-fledged creative design team who will work with you closely to ideate, conceptualize, and design a functional and visually appealing website. The website will be easy to navigate, and it will also be optimal for all mobile devices & tablets.

Website Development

Our in-house development team consists of the best web developers who will ensure that your website gets developed as per the latest coding standards. We will also make sure that it incorporates top security features and test it adequately before going live.

Creative Logo Designing

We help establish your brand by designing creative, unique, and high-quality logos that perfectly reflect your business and adheres to your internal branding guidelines. We will provide the logos in various formats that can be used on websites, visiting cards, and T-shirts.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

We specialize in designing UI/UX for mobile applications and deliver unique and trendy designs that are attractive and easy to navigate. We will ideate closely with you and share prototype wireframes for your approval before finalizing the design.

Graphic Designing

Our creative design team has diverse experience in delivering all your graphic design needs. Haitna services range from website design, logo design, brochure design, mobile app development, and online marketing collaterals.

Digital Marketing Services

Start getting revenue-generating leads with our top-notch digital marketing services. We offer various services like SEO, Social media marketing, online reputation management, and video creation services, at affordable prices that deliver high return on investment.

Mobile Application Development

We have developed high-rated mobile applications for many fortune companies that feature attractive designs, best security, intuitive navigation, and fast performance. We develop & deliver mobile apps on both the Android play store and Apple iOS platforms.

Social Media Management

We help you create an impactful social media presence by managing all aspects of your brand's social media strategy. We specialize in developing engaging user content, creating viral marketing campaigns, and tracking your user engagement.

Mobile Responsive website design

Our mobile responsive website designs adapt automatically based on the device size and platform on which the user views your website content. It will ensure that your website is not only responsive and engaging but also provides the best user experience to visitors.

CMS - Content Management System

We possess in-depth expertise in developing and delivering Web Content Management Solutions. Whether it's a small site or a CMS solution for a large business, our solution will always have complete access control, scalability, collaboration, and seamless integration.

Cloud Management

Get in touch with our cloud management experts for end-to-end cloud solutions that cover a wide range of services like Cloud hosting, VPS deployment, and cloud security consulting. We also provide solutions to enterprises for cloud hosting, deployment and administration.

Our Expertise in Design & Development

Your company’s website is one of the most important parts of your marketing plan. It works as a face for your company and as a central hub for your messaging and content marketing efforts. All other digital marketing initiatives work as a supplement.

While talking about the website design & development – we work closely with you to provide a better user experience which brings value to your audience. A better user experience helps in retaining the user. The surfers will not only visit your website again but will also remember it and recommend through word of mouth or via social media or other channels.

Well-written blogs, social media accounts help as channels that allow businesses to easily target the audience and convert the users by driving them to your website.

Our award-winning web designers understand the fact that Usability, functionality and visualization being the three important parts of an application interface or website. As a result, they closely work with you to ensure that you are able to achieve your digital marketing goals with the designs that they create.

We have developed and streamlined a process over the year that focuses on understanding your needs, your business and most importantly your target audience. We develop designs that not only meet your expectations but also your marketing targets.

Along with offering award-winning design concepts we also develop well-organized websites, ensuring a good user experience while laying the groundwork for search engine exposure.